Clearwater Shallow Dig Septic Tank 5700L

£1,135.00 | £1,362.00 including VAT


The Clearwater range of shallow dig septic tanks will drastically reduce the time and cost of a septic tank installation, with their cylindrical shaped tank with a lower profile for faster, cheaper off-mains installations.

The new design of the shallow-dig septic tank means that it requires a shallower dig and less excavation, as well as far less pea shingle or cement backfill to secure it in place.

Clearwater shallow-dig septic tanks are even ideally suited to rocky strata conditions, where deep digs are not feasible. The range is fully approved to EN12566 Part 1 standard and is 99.7% efficient at retaining solids in the tank.

Features and Benefits

  • Pea gravel backfill for dry sites
  • EN 12566-1 approved product
  • Installation in hard rock areas where deep digs are not possible
  • Standard 500mm invert
  • 30mm between inlet and outlet
  • 0.5 and 1m neck extensions available for deep installations
  • Price includes covers and frames

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