Ecoflo 15 Kit

£8,491.92 | £10,190.30 including VAT

Ecoflo Coco Filter sewage treatment plant is the most ecological solution on the market for residential and commercial projects where mains drainage is unavailable. It can be used as a secondary or tertiary treatment unit. With ZERO energy required for the treatment, it is no wonder the Ecoflo Coco Filter has over 100,000 installations. This unit surpasses the most stringent environmental requirements.

Natural, organic and exceptionally reliable, the Ecoflo Coco Filter is a revolutionary system incorporating a patented coconut husk fragment-based filtering media, a rehabilitated and natural organic material which treats the wastewater using no energy.

Designed for standard residential properties, small commercial buildings, and due to its ability to cope with periods of no use, is ideal for holiday homes and rental properties. With no smell, no noise and an exceptionally high quality of final effluent, the Ecoflo Coco Filter is particularly suitable for areas of sensitive surroundings.

Included in the kit-

Conder 5000L Septic Tank with extension

3 way splitter complete

2x Splittler riser (150mm)

3x Ecoflo 5 complete kit

12x 150mm Ecoflo riser

2x 300mm Sample chamber riser

1x Complete sample chamber (1.36m invert)