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Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks

5 essential septic tank tips

Common problems with septic tanks

How to do a percolation (soil porosity) test

Replacing your septic tank lid

How much does a septic tank cost?

Sizing your septic tank

Tips for installing your septic tank/cesspool

What is the cheapest septic tank we supply?

Sewage Treatment Systems

Sewage Treatment Systems

Which sewage treatment system should I buy?

Sizing your sewage treatment system

How much does a sewage treatment system cost to run?

Common problems with sewage treatment systems

What is a Klargester BioDisc?

How much is a Klargester BioDisc?

Which motor/gearbox do I need for my Klargester BioDisc?

Do I need an External Motor Capacitor Kit for my Panasonic Motor/Gearbox?

Keeping your sewage treatment system running effectively

Servicing and emptying your sewage treatment system

Maintaining your chain drive system

Which air blowers do we supply?

Signs that your air filter needs changing

Which air blower replaces my Secoh EL blower?

Why has my drive belt snapped?

Measuring the invert (inlet) height for your vessel

Can rainwater/surface water drain into my sewage treatment system?

Why have the diaphragms in my air blower split?

Maintaining your air blower

Common air blower faults and solutions

Useful Information

Useful Information

Buying Klargester spare parts

Do you need Building Control approval to install a septic tank/sewage treatment system?

What type of tank/system do I have at my property?

Which manhole cover & frame is suitable for my system?

Why choose a Klargester or Conder system?

Buying a house with a sewage treatment system/septic tank

Does a power cut affect your sewage treatment system?

Servicing and Emptying

Servicing and Emptying

5 reasons to empty your system

5 reasons to service your system

Common problems with cesspools

What's included in an emptying visit?

What's included in a service visit?

What not to flush down the toilet, or pour down the sink!

The effects of flooding on sewage treatment systems and septic tanks

What to do if your septic tank is starting to smell!

Am I legally required to service my sewage treatment system?



The installation process

What are my off-mains drainage options?

What does a site visit involve?

What does 'final effluent quality' mean?

What is a drainage field/soakaway, and how do they work?

Why use an accredited installer?

Gardening/planting over your soakaway (drainage field)

Do I need permission to install a sewage treatment system?

Should I install the vessel in concrete or gravel?

What happens to your old vessel when a new system is installed?



Do I need a separator on my site?

Servicing your separator

Do I already have a separator installed?

How does a separator work?

What different separators do you supply and install?

Should I install an alarm with my separator?

How do I size a separator for my site?

Do your separators come with lids?

Where are separators needed?

Pump Stations

Pump Stations

How does a pump station work?

Does a pump station run constantly?

Do pump stations get easily blocked?

Servicing your pump station

How to size a pump station