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Clenviro Matrix Review: Simple, Affordable & Non-Obtrusive

Do you want a new sewage treatment plant that is not only fully CE compliant but also easy on the eyes? The Clenviro Matrix might just be the system for you.

A selection of different models are available for this unit varying from the 6 population CLF1 Matrix all the way up to the 300 population equivalent CLF17.

Clenvio MATRIX Review: Price

The Clenviro MATRIX is priced Competitively compared to other systems with the same aeration principles. 

Clenviro MATRIX Review: Installation


It Was Only A Few Years Ago We Started Installing And Selling The Clenviro Systems And They Soon Became One Of Our Favourites. The Cylindrical Casing With Flat Base Made For A Straightforward Installation With Minimal Installation Material Wastage, So You Could Say The Clenviro Matrix Is Environmentally Friendly, Which Is What We Love. 

The Design Of The Matrix Also Means That It Is One Of The Ideal Options To Install In Areas Which Are Either Trafficked Or Require A Low Profile Installation. The Lids On The Matrix As Standard Are Rated For Up To 1 Ton However These Can Easily Be Replaced With Up To A D400 Loading Meaning They Can Be Utilised For Installation In A Driveway Or A Carpark. 


Top Features

- Easy Installation

- Easy access for maintenance

- Low installation costs

Clenviro MATRIX Review: Compliance

Yes. The Matrix sewage treatment plant has undergone rigorous testing to achieve its fully CE marked status and is fully certified to BS-EN12566-3 standard. This means this unit can be utilised for both discharges to ground or to a watercourse. This standard is a requirement to comply with the 2020 General Binding Rules.

Where is the air blower locaterd on the Clenviro Matrix?

The blower unit is located externally on the Matrix system, reducing the risk of any foul air intake or flooding. The three-stage biological process is all enclosed within the one structure reducing installation costs and space used.

What is the effluent discharge quality of the Clenviro MATRIX?

This system is designed to achieve an average effluent standard of 20:30:20 (BOD:SS:Ammonia) which is the norm for more domestic package sewage treatment plants unless they are installed within a SSSI or an area which required nutrient neutrality.

Clenviro’s answer to Nutrient Neutrality: The TOPAS plus sewage treatment plant

With the introduction of new standards and regulations a lot of manufacturers have been pushed to improve designs on existing systems and even develop new plants, the most recent of which was the requirement for Nutrient neutrality.

On that account, in late 2022 Clenviro announced their launch of the new Topas Plus package sewage treatment plants which was concocted to comply with the more strict standards outlined by the government.

With a EN12566-3+A2 level of certification this includes the requirement for low levels of phosphate and ammonia, the average achieved parameter for these units are 30:8:8:0.2:0.5 (COD:BOD:SS:Phosphate:Ammonia) meaning the advanced five-stage treatment process has blown the expectations out of the water.

Clenviro MATRIX Review: Warranty

The Clenviro MATRIX has a structural warranty of 25 years. Subject to correct installation. On Average This Is A way Longer Warranty Period Than Others Manufacturers.

The Internal Air Blower on the system is covered by a 2 year warranty.

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Clenviro MATRIX Treatment Plant Installation