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What happens to my old vessel when a new system is installed?

When we install a new sewage treatment system, often the installation is to replace an existing (failing) septic tank or system on site. This often leads to questions about what will happen with the vessel when it is no longer required.

If the installation of your new system will be in the exact same place as the old vessel
Our engineers will organise de-sludging of your vessel, and will then break the tank down to remove it via a skip suited to carrying contaminated waste. We will assess the condition of the drainage already installed and re-use if we are able to (which will reduce costs to the customer) – approximately 1 metre of new inlet and outlet drainage will be required, if the rest of the pipework is reusable.

If the installation will be near a pre-existing vessel
Our engineers will assess the reason why the existing vessel had failed. If tree roots have caused problems with the drainage, we will ensure the new vessel is situated away from this danger. The pre-existing vessel will be de-sludged and then filled in with surplus spoil used from the excavation. This is a more cost-effective solution than for us to arrange a contaminated waste skip, which is an additional cost to the customer.