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10 Reasons To Get Your Own Diesel Storage Tank

With gasoil prices hitting an all-time high and fuel stations running dry, maybe its finally time to to secure your supply with an on-site fuel point.

Owning your own diesel tank is a prudent decision to save time, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of operations. Especially when the availability of fuel from the forecourt is in short supply.

Storing your own fuel on-site is the easiest way to keep your fleet moving when others may come to a halt. Investing in an on-site diesel tank isn’t just about fuel security. You are investing in a greater control over your overheads and reducing the amount of time lost through finding filling points while out on the road. This may make the difference between your business struggling and succeeding.

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Lets take a look at the top 5 reasons to invest in a diesel storage tank.

1. Hijacking the inflation of fuel prices

Put a stop to the volatile pricing of fuel. Buying fuel in bulk means you will always be getting the best price for diesel.

2. Get ahead of the rest

I don’t need to tell you that having diesel on-site will save you time. The time and fuel saved through not travelling to refill will keep your team and your pocket happy and healthy.

3. Fuel quality control – better for your engine

Having your own supply of diesel means you are in control of the quality of fuel that is put into your fleet. Do you know how clean the fuel is at your closest fuel point? How often their tanks are serviced and what measures are taken against fuel contamination? By having your own fuel point you can be confident to meet deadlines and keep your vehicles running on the highest quality diesel in the available.

4. Monitoring individual access to diesel

Most fuel tank dispensing systems come with a lock and key. This lets you take control of who is accessing fuel so you can monitor every individual who uses your fuel supply.

5. Greater insights into your business – no more fuel receipts

No more fuel receipts that get lost and scrunched up. With your own diesel tank, you have total control over your fuel bill with one invoice as often as you need to top up your tank.

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What you need to know

Diesel fuel storage tank regulations

All of our diesel storage tanks are 100% compliant with current UK regulations so you don’t need to worry when choosing your tank.

Store diesel fuel long term

Under normal storage conditions diesel fuel can be expected to stay in a useable condition for:

• 12 months or longer at an ambient of 20ºC.

• 6-12 months at an ambient temperature higher than 30ºC.

The ageing process can be accelerated by:

• The presence of water. Water allows the growth of fungus and bacteria. These produce natural by-products such as organic acids which make the fuel unstable.

• Exposure to dust and dirt which contain trace elements that can destabilise the fuel such as copper and zinc.

• Fuel composition. Some components in diesel fuel (especially biodiesel) naturally age quickly.