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The New Harlequin 2500L Chemical Dosing Kiosk for Septicity Control

Water companies are now imposing stricter regulations on Section 106 applications for connecting to the main sewer. These regulations are aimed at addressing the issue of septicity, a common problem in foul pumping stations and rising mains where sewage is stagnant for a 6 hour period. Septicity occurs when bacteria in foul sewage consume oxygen from other compounds, leading to the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). This gas not only causes foul odors but also poses health hazards and can corrode infrastructure.

To comply with these new regulations, water companies are requiring developers to submit septicity forms when connecting pumped rising mains to public sewers. These forms provide crucial information about the pumping station, including its location, size, and details about the properties it serves.

If septicity is identified as a risk, developers may need to implement solutions such as altering pumping frequencies, changing the design of the rising main, or installing chemical dosing systems. The Harlequin 2500L Dosing System is one such solution designed to meet the requirements of these new regulations.

The Harlequin 2500L Dosing System is a plug-and-play solution that chemically treats the affected area to reduce septicity. It is designed to be compliant water company regulations and offers customisable dosage control, ensuring optimal performance based on site conditions.

While there is no fee for advice, developers will be responsible for the costs associated with supplying, installing, and maintaining the dosing system. However, investing in a system like the Harlequin 2500L Dosing System can ultimately save developers money by preventing costly infrastructure damage and ensuring compliance with regulations.

In conclusion, the new regulations on Section 106 applications for main sewer connections highlight the importance of addressing septicity in pumped rising mains. The Harlequin 2500L Dosing System offers a practical and compliant solution to this challenge, helping developers meet regulatory requirements while safeguarding infrastructure and the environment.

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