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Servicing your pump station

A pump station requires periodic servicing from an experienced engineer, as it has moving and working parts. When one of our engineers attends your site, you can be confident that they will perform a thorough and professional inspection of your entire system. We offer a fixed price for servicing your pump station, depending on your location, and will attend site at a time convenient to you from Monday – Friday.

What is included in your visit

Each service visit lasts up to 1 hour on site, and you will receive a report afterwards detailing what has been checked and repaired/replaced.

The engineer will conduct checks of all mechanical parts, including:

  • Pipework for any cracks or corrosion
  • Conducting amp tests on the pumps to check operation
  • Lifting pumps out if amp tests record problems – unblocking and repairing faulty pumps
  • Floats for correct depth
  • Cover lid and frame, and surrounding area
  • Full visual inspection of the working system

The engineer will also conduct a full electrical check where appropriate, including:

  • Pump operation and cables
  • Control panels
  • Alarms and beacons
  • Alarm tests for pump trip, high level and loss of power

What is not included in your visit

Should your visit need to last longer than 1 hour, due to the engineer conducting repairs/installing replacement parts, we charge an additional £45+VAT per hour. We will require payment upfront for this before our engineer can continue further work.

The price for your service visit includes an engineer attending your site, providing the inspections listed above, recommending any repairs/replacement parts, completing a report and advising on when emptying will be required.

The service visit charge is exclusive of all consumable parts, breakdowns and call-out costs. If any parts require replacement during the visit, our engineer will discuss this with you beforehand so you’re aware of any additional costs.