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Do I need a separator on my site?

A separator is required on sites where surface water may be contaminated by oil. These sites need to have measures in place to prevent this oil from polluting the environment. Sites that commonly required a separator to be installed include:

♦ Car parks typically larger than 800m2 in area, or with 50+ car parking spaces

♦ Smaller car parks discharging to a sensitive environment

♦ Areas where goods vehicles are parked or maneuvered

♦ Vehicle maintenance areas

♦ Roads

♦ Industrial sites where oil is stored or used

♦ Refueling facilities

♦ Any other site with a risk of oil contamination

It’s always best to check whether a separator is required, as you can face hefty fines for discharging polluted water. Give our team a call on 01388 537050 and we’ll be happy to advise.