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Effects of Snow Melting Over a Septic Tank

As we brace for the snow in the UK, we expect the white stuff to cover just about everything. However, if you have a septic tank, you will have noticed that snow melts just as soon as it lands around it.


What Causes Snow to Melt Around a Septic Tank?

If snow falls on top of your septic tank, expect it to melt soon. The sewage inside your tank generates heat, which causes the snow to melt to the ground. This is normal and a sign that your tank is working effectively and breaking down the pollutants in sewage solids. However, if your septic system isn’t working properly, the melting snow may cause issues.


How Can I Tell If There’s an Issue with My Septic Tank?

If your septic tank is older and has accumulated too much sediment, the melting snow may be more likely to cause system failure. Here are signs there may be something wrong with your tank:


Lush Patches of Grass

Lush grass looks nice. However, if the grass is flourishing in one area more than others, it indicates that sewage is seeping around that particular area. The nitrate and phosphate in sewage make it a strong fertilizer. The lush grass might mean that there’s a leak in your tank.


Slow Draining Sink and Shower 

Is the water in your sinks and bathtubs going down much slower than usual? If so, it could indicate a backup in your drainage system caused by an issue with your septic tank.


Strong Odors

If you notice a strong odor coming from the drainage field, the sewage from your septic tank may have seeped into the soil. This is considered a major environmental hazard and should be addressed immediately.


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