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Do I need an External Motor Capacitor Kit for my Panasonic Motor/Gearbox?

If you are purchasing a Panasonic Motor/Gearbox to replace a Vipa Motor Gearbox that was purchased between October 2010 – January 2013, you will also need to purchase the  external motor capacitor box separately for fitting, if you do not already have one.

During this time period the capacitor was housed within the motor/gearbox, but the new Panasonic motors are supplied with the capacitor housed separately. You will then need to fit this capacitor inside the external motor capacitor box, mount the box on the wall of your tank and wire it into your motor and your power supply.

If your previous motor was purchased outside of this time frame (and therefore you already have a capacitor separately to your motor/gearbox), the capacitor should be either in with the isolation switch or on the wall in the junction box, depending how it was installed. As long as this capacitor is working, then you should not need to purchase the Capacitor Kit alongside.

The capacitor that comes with your motor/gearbox is fitted inside this junction box, which will then be mounted on the wall of your system and wired into the motor/gearbox and your power supply to power the motor.