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Kingspan Klargester Extended Warranty | Direct Drainage Exclusive

Following your successful installation of your Klargester Sewage Treatment System, you are eligible to enjoy an extended warranty period exclusive to Direct Drainage customers if you take out a servicing agreement with RA Dalton.


To ensure your extended warranty is valid, your domestic treatment plant must be serviced and emptied in line with manufacturers requirements. As we are a Kingspan Klargester accredited installer & Service partner you can be confident by taking out a servicing agreement with us that your system will adhere to your warranty terms. These include:


  • When claiming warranty, you must keep a record of all service and maintenance records carried out. RA Dalton will always keep this record on hand for you.
  • By taking out a service plan with RA Dalton we will attend to service your system and, depending on your plan, we can arrange emptying of the system in line with your warranty conditions.
  • Any repair work carried out by RA Dalton under the terms of the extended warranty contract will be guaranteed for a period of 28 days unless the original repair works were necessitated by reason of abuse or misuse of the system (in which case any all repair works will be chargeable).


By instructing servicing with RA Dalton you can have total peace of mind that the maintenance of your sewage treatment system is being taken care of by a leading industry specialist in line with your manufacturer’s warranty and the governments general binding rules. If you experience an emergency breakdown, we prioritise all service customers and guarantee to have a service engineer on site within 24 – 48 hours depending on the urgency of the visit.


Please read the full terms and conditions of your warranty here:


If you do not instruct servicing with RA Dalton, we will be obliged to inform Kingspan which may result in your warranty becoming void.