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Servicing and emptying your sewage treatment system

It is important that your sewage treatment system is serviced to ensure everything is working properly. All our engineers can provide hassle-free and comprehensive servicing for your system, advice on when emptying will be required and can replace any faulty/worn parts. At Direct Drainage, we hold an extensive range of spare parts in stock, and are happy to help – give us a call on 01388 537050, email or click on the LiveChat button on the bottom-right of the homepage.

We recommend that all tanks will need to be emptied (desludged) at least once a year, although this can alter depending on the size of the tank, and the application that it’s used for. We can provide fast and reliable emptying and servicing for your tank/sewage treatment system, giving you peace of mind that everything is fully operational. Our highly experienced engineers will take care of the entire emptying process, and if you book servicing for your system, they will recommend when emptying will be required. If the unit is not emptied in accordance with the guidelines supplied with your system you may experience an unpleasant odour from the plant, and it can also place excess wear and tear on parts.

If you would like to discuss regular ongoing servicing and emptying, give us a call on 01388 537050 and we’ll be happy to advise our best prices.