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Signs that your air filter needs changing

Many sewage treatment systems work by treating effluent through aeration via a remotely-sited air blower (also known as an air pump or compressor). These air blowers contain air filters (usually made from a gauze/mesh on standard air blowers or larger cartridge air filters for industrial-sized side-channel blowers. The air filters require annual changing to ensure the blower remains efficient and operational.

Filters should be regularly checked by removing the blower housing – they can be brushed/rinsed and left to dry as part of the cleaning process. If the filter is dirty or dark, this suggests it is getting clogged with foul air which can have impact on the effective working of the air blower. If your air blower is running particularly hot or at a high pressure, this could indicate that the filter is blocked, and needs to be cleaned/changed.

You should always ensure that your air blower receives a supply of fresh, clean air through appropriately ventilated housing, to avoid it having to take foul air from the treatment system itself.

We stock a range of air filters for Secoh, Hiblow and Medo air blowers, and Baldwin cartridge filters. We can also source a range of other filters for different air blowers, so get in touch and we will be able to advise!