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The Best Sewage Treatment Systems of 2023

Here at Direct Drainage, we have over 25 years experience in sewage treatment systems. Over the past year there has been significant advancements in the technology available for domestic wastewater treatment from top manufacturers which have brought the final effluent pollutant levels even lower than ever before.

We understand that installing a Sewage Treatment Systems can be a big investment for home owners that are off-mains drainage and have no other choice. However, not all sewage treatment systems are made equally and some can cost you a lot more in the long term than others. We only ever supply sewage treatment systems from the best manufacturers, such as Klargester. 

Here are our top picks for 2023 sewage treatment from the UK's most reputable sewage treatment system manufacturers. 

#1 Klargester BioDisc from only £3,971+VAT

The Kingspan Klargester BioDisc is our #1 choice for domestic wastewater treatment again in 2023. The BioDisc offers unrivalled reliability, effeciency and is an ecologically safe solution for anyone with off-mains drainage.

The BioDisc has the lowest maintenance costs of any packaged treatment plant. This year a BA BioDisc Gravity system will cost approx. £160 in electric to run based on the current average rate of 31.8p/ kWh.

The Klargester BioDisc is available from Direct Drainage with FREE delivery to site. The current lead time (Jan 2023) is 3 working days. The BioDisc comes with a 7 year warranty when installation and servicing is carried out by a Klargester accredited supplier (which we are!)

Lastly, Direct Drainage is a supplier of all spare parts for Klargester BioDisc Sewage Treatment Systems, many of which are available for next day delivery. 

#2 Klargester BioTec BTA from only £2,002+VAT

The Klargester BioTec BTA Sewage Treatment System is our firm #2 choice for 2023. 

The BioTec BTA model has recently been upgraded and now offers even better treatment levels of BOD5 – 96.2% | SS – 97% | Ammonia – 82.4%. This year a Klargester BTA1 Gravity system will cost approx. £139 in electric to run based on the current average rate of 31.8p/ kWh.

It is a very basic and popular choice for home owners that want a straightforward system with minimal mechanical parts. The Klargester BioTec comes with an efficient air blower and FREE UK delivery.

The Klargester BioTec is available from Direct Drainage with a current lead time (Jan 2023) of 3 working days. 

#3 Harlequin Hydroclear from only £2,255+VAT

The Harlequin Hydrocrear range is becoming a firm favourite in the UK. They have recently started manufacturing bigger more commercial sized units as a result of huge success with their domestic range.

The Harlequin Hydroclear tank is compact and easy to install, has low running costs and a lead time of only 3-5 working days! Delivery is free when purchased through Direct Drainage. This year a Harlequin Hydroclear HC6 Gravity system will cost approx. £139 in electric to run based on the current average rate of 31.8p/ kWh.

This is another basic airflow tank with minimal moving parts to go wrong!

#4 Clenviro MATRIX from only £2,475+VAT

Clenviro MATRIX Sewage Treatment Plant is the perfect solution in restricted areas where a sewage treatment system needs to be installed on a driveway or under concrete. It provides an extremely safe, efficient, reliable and cost effective solution to sewage disposal. 

Our servicing engineers love the MATRIX for its easy access as the manhole is big enough to see everything inside without having to climb into the tank.

The MATRIX has very low running costs, similar to the other airflow systems with a high quality air compressor and a staggering structural warranty of 25 years.

The MATRIX range from Clenviro is available from Direct Drainage at the best price guaranteed.

#5 Tricel Novo from only £2,100+VAT

The Tricel Novo is becoming an installers dream tank. They are usually delivered between 3-5 working days and couldn't be easier to install and maintain.

The Tricel Novo is manufactured by sheet-moulded composite (SMC), one of the strongest glass-reinforced plastic materials available. This alows Tricel to offer a 20 year structural warranty and a 3 year mechanical parts warranty.

Get the Tricel Novo from Direct Drainage for the best price guaranteed today.

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