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Which Sewage treatment system should I buy?

With so many different systems available to purchase, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your needs – we can advise and make recommendations depending on your priorities, the size of your size and your budget. Just give us a call on 01388 537050.

Klargester BioDisc
Operates without noise or smell
Low energy usage
Low sludge accumulation and sizeable storage capacity
Top-of-the-range unique rotating disc technology

Klargester BioTec
No mechanical/electrical components – low running and maintenance costs
Variable invert heights
Manufactured from robust GRP

Klargester BioFicient
Low running costs
Minimal visual impact
Specially designed for shallow-dig applications

Clearwater Economy
High performance rating
Low running costs
Low-level cover so minimal visual impact on surroundings

Conder ASP
Quiet, odourless operation
Low-level cover so minimal visual impact on surroundings
Low running costs

Tricel Novo
Comes complete with alarm
Lifetime guarantee on filter media
Low-price shallow dig system

What are your priorities?

If you prioritise low noise, you should consider a Klargester BioDisc, BioTec or Economy system.

If you prefer to choose a system based on aesthetics and how it looks following installation, you should consider a Klargester BioFicient or Conder ASP/HDPE ASP, as both have smaller manhole covers.

If the price of the system is a motivating factor, we suggest you select the Klargester Economy, Tricel Novo or Conder ASP/HDPE ASP, as these are the lowest priced systems we supply.

Finally, if ongoing running costs are a primary concern, we would recommend a Klargester BioTec, Tricel Novo, Clearwater Economy or Conder ASP/HDPE ASP.

Find out more about each sewage treatment system on our online shop, where you can download the information guides to help determine which is best for you. Alternatively, for assistance or a quote for larger systems, give us a call on 01388 537050 or email