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Why have the diaphragms in my air blower split?

The diaphragms in your air blower are recommended to be checked annually for any wear, and replaced every two years. If you notice that your diaphragms have split, this can often be due to high pressure running through the unit. Rather than continuing to replace the diaphragms, you should investigate the cause of the high pressure, as continued problems can cause irreparable damage to your unit.

While you’re inspecting the diaphragms, check the air filter too. If this is clogged and dirty, this suggests that your air supply is being taken from the foul air inside your sewage treatment system. An air blower should always be well ventilated and able to take in clean, fresh air at all times. Consider re-housing your air blower to somewhere where clean air is able to reach the unit.

You should also ensure that your system is regularly desludged (emptied), as excessive loads can place pressure on the air blower and cause damage. Finally, check for blockages in your air line which can also be a cause of high pressure.

If you’re still unsure, it might be worth purchasing a pressure gauge to check the pressure on the unit – alternatively, give us a call and we can arrange an engineer attending site on 01388 537050.