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Why do I need an air pump in my pond?


A vital requirement for life to flourish and this is no different for your pond life. Fish, plants and other microorganisms require a certain amount of oxygen in order to be able to survive and although your pond will (to a certain degree) self-oxygenates there are great benefits to giving them a bit of a helping hand!

A lot of aquatic experts recommend the use of an air blower to help with the dissolved oxygen levels within the pond, oxygenating plants also help maintain the ecosystem by absorbing excess nutrients and limiting algae bloom.

Different species of aquatic life and plants require different levels of oxygen and operate through different cycles of oxygen usage (a lot of plant life and algae use more oxygen through the night than through the day).

How do the air pumps work?

Air pumps are usually sited close to the pond area with the majority being placed under some kind of housing, an air hose then pulls fresh air from the surface and pumps this through the air line to the base of the pond. 

There are plenty of options on the market for suitable air pumps, we currently stock the following blowers and corresponding spare parts:

Experts in the field strongly recommend that the installation of an air blower is carried out during the initial construction of your pond, as this is considerably easier if this is done before the ecosystem is built up and you can even design a blended cover for your air pump. However never fear if this is not the case as it certainly can be added at a later date.

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