Conder Final Effluent Pump Station premier tech aqua
Conder Final Effluent Pump Station premier tech aqua
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Conder Final Effluent Pump Station - Dual Pump

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Here at Direct Drainage we stock a range of final effluent packaged pump stations with either single or double pumps.

Conder manufactures a good range of final effluent pump stations. These slimline vertical GRP pump stations are designed to pump away treated effluent following a new or existing sewage treatment plant. The pumps are housed in a cylindrical GRP chamber. Outlet connection is 1 1/4” BSP(F), and the inlet is 160mm diameter.

What's Included

  • Pump chamber
  • Pumps and discharge pipework
  • Junction box for location in the neck of the chamber
  • Two floats (optional)
  • External beacon
  • Control Panel (optional extra) - has a padlockable door interlocked incoming supply isolator, making it impossible to remove the cover without first electrically isolating the control box
  • Free delivery - you will need to organise your own offloading

Guaranteed Safety Standards

The inclusion of an auto coupling system and five-ton rated manhole cover, as standard, ensures your pump station adheres to strict safety standards and guarantees easy and safe pump removal without the need to ever enter the tank. Combine these standard safety functions with our optional safety upgrades, including dial out alarms, sonic controls and weightier manhole covers, and you’re reassured that the Conder range of pump stations takes your safety seriously.

Low Maintenance

Designed to have zero visual impact on its site location, the Conder pump station offers a complete below ground installation that is easy to install, completely sealed to protect against noise and odour and automatic in operation, meaning maintenance time on site is kept to a minimum.

The pumps have been carefully selected to give the optimum forward flow rate at the lowest running cost. The standard station is supplied with two pumps controlled by a float switch attached to the pump itself. A duty/standby or duty assist configuration may be used whereby two pumps are employed. In this case, and where the station is feeding a rising main, a non return valve will be fitted at the outlet of each pump. The delivery pipework can be easily disconnected within the chamber, to facilitate removal.

Conder Final Effluent Pump Station - Dual Pump Conder Final Effluent Pump Station - Dual Pump Conder Final Effluent Pump Station - Dual Pump