Harlequin Balmoral 2700L Septic Tank
Harlequin Balmoral Septic Tank
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Harlequin 2700L Septic Tank

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A Septic Tank is designed to provide primary treatment to crude waste water.  It retains solids and allows them to settle out, where they can be partially broken down by biological action so that only the remaining liquor (normally called effluent) is then sufficiently treated to be discharged into an underground soakaway system



  • EN-12566 Part 1 Compliant
  • Perfect solution when a treatment plant cannot be used
  • Quality material manufacturing
  • Flat base for stability when transporting and installing
  • Fully lockable pedestrian duty manhole cover
  • Inlet pipe can be rotated 180ᵒ to line up with drainage lines for almost any direction

Free delivery - you will need to organise your own offloading


Harlequin Balmoral 2700L Septic Tank Harlequin Balmoral 2700L Septic Tank