Conder CSAF Sewage Treatment System premier tech aqua
Conder CSAF Sewage Treatment System premier tech aqua
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Conder CSAF040 N20 Sewage Treatment System

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The Conder SAF sewage treatment system is the ideal solution for any sized project where the population range exceeds 25 and off-mains drainage is required. 

Premier Tech Aqua has designed the Conder SAF range to have a complete below ground installation, meaning it has a minimal visual impact on the site location, although the whole range is adaptable and can provide an above ground treatment solution when needed.

The tank forms three treatment stages; primary settlement, biological treatment (biozone) and humus settlement. Flow through all of the treatment stages, from inlet to outlet, occurs through gravity and integral airlift.

Features and Benefits: 

  • No below ground moving parts
  • Quick and easy to install, meaning low initial costs
  • Energy efficient blowers
  • Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) technology, for optimum performance and dependability
  • Provided with a mild steel kiosk to house the blowers, timer valves and control panel
  • Kiosk is fitted with alarm beacon as standard
  • Designed and tested in accordance with BS EN 12566-3
  • CE approved
  • Better than 20mg/L BOD; 30mg/L SS; 20 mg/L NH3 standard effluent quality
  • Suitable for both granular or concrete backfill
  • Adaptable design


Population- 40
Gross Capacity- 16,800L
Tank Diameter- 1.8mtrs
Overall Length- 6.10mtrs
Dry Weather Flow- 8m3/day
Max Load Per Day:
  • BOD- 2.4 kg/day
  • NH3- 0.32 kg/day

Desludging Interval- 120days
Standard Invert- 1000mm

Deeper inverts are available up to a maximum depth of 2mtrs.

If you require any adaptations to the above specifications please fill in a quotation form and a member of our team will get in touch.

Conder CSAF Sewage Treatment System premier tech aqua   Conder CSAF Sewage Treatment System premier tech aqua   Conder CSAF Sewage Treatment System premier tech aqua