Conder GNS15 Grease Trap/Separator

£1,895.00 | £2,274.00 including VAT


The Conder range of GNS Grease Traps/Separators works through a simple two-chamber tank where wastewater enters the primary chamber and debris settles. The wastewater then flows into the gravity separation chamber where grease and oil rise to the surface.

A low-level pipe removes the separated water from the secondary chamber and releases it to the drainage system. The surface layer of grease will remain inside the tank until it is removed by a Waste Disposal company.

Alarm Options

Environment Agency PPG3 Guidelines stipulate that all separators must be fitted with a robust system to provide an audible and visual alarm if the grease level becomes too high. We strongly recommend that you purchase the Darcy Mains Separator Grease Alarm alongside this item, and it will be delivered with the separator ready to wire in.

Tank Code Capacity (litres) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Flow (litres/second) Meals served per day
GNS2 1250 1000 1718 1 (2 max.) 100 meals
GNS4 1750 1000 2330 2 (4 max.) 200 meals
GNS7 2600 1200 2427 4 (7 max.) 400 meals
GNS10 4300 1200 3957 5 (10 max.) 500 meals
GNS15 6000 1500 3645 8 (15 max.) 800 meals
GNS20 8500 1800 3640 10 (20 max.) 1000 meals
GNS25 11000 1800 4623 13 (25 max.) 1300 meals

Conder GNS15 Grease Trap/Separator Conder GNS15 Grease Trap/Separator