Hiblow HP150 Linear Air Pump

£280.00 | £336.00 including VAT


The Hiblow HP150 Linear Air Pump is ideal for outdoor (rainproof) use, is silent-running and is designed for many applications, including:

  • Oxygen supply for fish filtration equipment
  • Septic tanks & sewage treatment systems (biological aeration)
  • Air injection
  • Medical/scientific equipment
  • Low frequency therapeutic equipment
  • Air sampling
  • Soil aeration
  • Gas analysers
  • Liquid agitation
  • Inflatable packaging material machines
  • Blood cuff monitors
  • Solder removal devices
  • Membrane oxygen generators
  • Aquaculture aeration
  • Ozone generators
  • Sequential compression devices (circulation therapy)

The HP-150 will deliver 150 litres of air per minute. (150L/min)

Product Features

  • Low Noise
  • Low Power
  • Dual Insulation
  • Dust Trap Filter

The Hiblow range of air pumps come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Hiblow are the only manufacturer where the key components (including diaphragms) are still manufactured in Osaka Japan. They are the inventor and the original manufacturer of the linear diaphragm, and often see their HP series reach lifetimes of 8-10 years!

Hiblow Air Pump Data Sheet  Hiblow HP Air Blower Air Pump service manual