High Level Alarm Kit 230v

£185.00 | £222.00 including VAT

This high level alarm kit 230v is suitable for all Klargester BA/BB BioDisc Sewage Treatment Systems, Conder Sewage Treatment Systems, and other IPS pumped systems. This can also be used on storage tanks to indicate when they require desludging, simply by setting the height of the float at the level where you would want to arrange an empty.

Please be aware that if you are installing this alarm on a septic tank, these systems run to a fully working level, so in this instance the float would be set at a height that the alarm would indicate when the system was running unusually high (and not necessarily when the system requires a de-sludge).

The kit includes an audible high level alarm box with flashing alarm light, and weighted float with 10m cable – this kit is used without the Green Control Panel.