Klargester BF BioDisc Motor/Gearbox (Bauer)

£470.00 | £564.00 including VAT

The Klargester BF BioDisc Motor/Gearbox (Bauer) is the most recent Bauer 2000 Series helical geared motor (BG20Z-11/EC05LA4), and is suitable for Klargester BF BioDisc Sewage Treatment Systems.

The motor/gearbox is single phase, installed with a start/run capacitor and keyway steel.

The motor/gearbox is supplied with an instruction booklet for simple installation.

Supply – 230V/50Hz/1PH
Output power – 0.120 kW
Output torque – 136 Nm
Output speed – 8.3 RPM
Terminal box mounting – B3
Terminal box position – I/A
Terminal box protection – IP65
Net weight – 16 Kg.