SE20 Diaphragm Kit for EL Series Blowers

£17.00 | £20.40 including VAT

The SE20 Diaphragm Kit is suitable for Secoh EL Blowers:

  • EL-S-60 (please note, if you have the EL-S-60N air blower, you will require the SE60D kit)
  • EL-60C
  • EL-S-80-15
  • EL-80-17
  • EL-80C
  • EL-S-100
  • EL-100C
  • EL-S-120W*
  • EL-S-150W*
  • EL-150WC*
  • EL-S-200W*
  • EL-200WC*

*These are twin pumps with twice the internal parts, so two diaphragm kits will be required.

The kit contains:

2x EL diaphragms, plus their plastic surrounding frame
4x spacer strips to help with reassembly