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Klargester Alpha Septic Tank 4600l
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A Klargester Alpha Septic Tank 4600l provides a traditional solution to sewage disposal needs for domestic dwellings without access to mains drainage.


A Klargester Alpha Septic Tank 4600l provides a traditional solution to sewage disposal needs for domestic dwellings without access to mains drainage. Sewage enters the septic tank into a settlement chamber, allowing solid waste (sludge) to sink and liquid to rise to the surface. This surface liquid makes contact with oxygen and the organic matter starts to break down biologically. This liquid still contains sewage but in small enough particles to be carried through the discharge outlet and into the ground (soakaway).

 The Klargester Alpha septic tank comes in three sizes and is suitable for individual domestic dwellings up to a large family house.

Klargester Alpha Septic Tank 4600l Features and Benefits

  • Internal baffle design within the tank aids separation and retention of solids, improving the effluent quality thus providing a long life to the soakaway

  • Made from composite GRP - strong, light, chemically resistant and watertight

  • Press moulded shape provides wide, squat, form which makes the tank easy to install and handle

  • Stable base for storage

  • Shackles are provided to aid lifting and positioning within the excavation

  • All unit volumes are designed in accordance with the recommendations given in BS 6297: 1983

  • The new manufacturing process minimises styrene emissions and reduces waste - all the better for our environment

  • This septic tank comes complete with a cover and frame  

Typical Applications for the Klargester Alpha Septic Tank 4600l

  • Single/Multiple Homes

  • Caravan & Camping sites

  • Golf Course Toilet/Washroom Facilities

  • Churches

  • Mobile Homes / Static caravans

  • Farms

  • Temporary work offices

  • Offices/Light Industrial Premises

  • Temporary Dwellings & Welfare Facilities

Basic septic tanks only retain solids and discharge effluent of low quality. Many authorities in the UK prohibit their use.
In all instances a sewage treatment system should be considered as the first option.
Septic tanks may be installed, subject to consent, in applications where:

  • Soil is of suitable porosity.

  • Installation complies with Building Regulations (Approved Document H).

  • The installation will not contaminate any ditch, stream or other watercourse.

Did you know?

If you have a septic tank that discharges directly to a surface water you will need to replace or upgrade your treatment system by January 1, 2020 – or when you sell your property if before this date.

NOTE: Homeowners with septic tanks that discharge directly into surface water will need to replace or upgrade their drainage either when they sell their property or as soon as possible. 

Homeowners are responsible for their choice, installation and maintenance of their wastewater system under a new code of practice introduced by the Environment Agency. They have a legal responsibility to minimise the impact of your sewage waste if they manage it within the bounds of your property e.g. with a septic tank or sewage treatment plant (Binding Rules 2020, DEFRA, January 2015).

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