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Darcy Mains Washdown Separator Alarm with High Liquid and Silt Probes (Klargester/Conder)

Darcy Mains Washdown Separator Alarm with High Liquid and Silt Probes (Klargester/Conder)

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The Darcy mains-powered washdown separator/interceptor alarm system is supplied complete with an intrinsically-safe control unit together with high liquid and silt probes. This unit is suitable for outdoor installation.

The control unit is capable of monitoring up to 3 probe units, and the outlet relay enables the status of each unit to be signalled to a remote location or activate a beacon if required. It is recommended that this alarm can be installed up to 300m from the control panel (you will need to provide your own cable to match the distance between the display panel and separator on site).

The alarm system and sensor guarantees an increased level of safety on site, and requires simple installation for bespoke monitoring of separators.

The Darcy Separator Alarm comprises:  

  • Control Panel (230v)

  • High Liquid Level probe with 5m flylead

  • High Silt Level probe with 5m flylead

  • Atex approved: Baseefa 08ATEX0110/1

  • Specific Marking of Explosion Protection: [Ex ia] IIC (-20°C = Ta = +50°C)

Features and Benefits:

  • Warns of excessive levels of silt and high liquid within the separator

  • Alerts you when the separator requires emptying

  • Reduces site waste-management costs and ongoing servicing costs

  • Complies with EN858-1&2 and PPG3

  • Can be fitted to interceptors from all manufacturers (particularly suited to Klargester and Conder)

  • Ensures safe and economic operation of interceptors