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Tricel Novo UK10 Sewage Treatment System (up to 8 bedrooms)

Tricel Novo UK10 Sewage Treatment System (up to 8 bedrooms)

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Tricel Novo UK10 Sewage Treatment System (up to 8 bedrooms) with FREE DELIVERY!

With a Tricel Novo waste water treatment system, you get an exceptional plant for waste water and sewage treatment which is simple, cost-effective and ensures compliance with EU regulations.

How a Tricel Novo works

Waste water enters the primary settlement chamber where heavy sludge and solids separate from the liquid and settle at the bottom of the tank. A scum is formed at the surface of this liquid which keeps odours from escaping. The sewage then passes into the aeration chamber where masses of naturally present bacteria consume the sewage. These bacteria are kept alive with air which is fed from a quiet, energy-efficient air compressor. These bacteria attach and multiply on a specially-designed filter media which has a lifetime guarantee.

Features and Benefits

  • Tricel Novo plant includes a Loss of Pressure alarm as standard

  • Pumped outlet units have a single pump and include a High Level Alarm as standard

  • High performance certificated under EN12566 Pt3

  • Shallow dig - 1.375m base to inlet

  • Manufactured by sheet-moulded composite (SMC), one of the strongest glass-reinforced plastic materials available

  • Low energy costs (100-watt motor) and spare part costs

  • Simple and economical to install with pea gravel/concrete surround and shallow dig

  • Quiet in operation, underground installation minimises visual impact

  • Mechanically simple sewage treatment solution

  • Easy access for maintenance without entering the plant - compressor situated in the top

  • Above-ground compressor position allows ventilation, and the fresh air feed enhances compressor life

  • Lower emptying volumes due to size and shape - single point de-sludge

  • Free delivery - you will need to arrange your own offloading

  • Areas of northern Scotland and Islands may be subject to an additional delivery charge - please contact us for details