When you are renovating your home you undoubtedly want the best of the best and if your programme of works include upgrading your waste water situation on site this is where we come in!

We were initially contacted back in April as the customer was wanting a snazzy new package treatment plant to serve their 3 bedroom cottage along with sufficient capacity for the 1 bedroom cottage next door should it be renovated as well. The vessel we proposed that was installed was a Premier Tech Aqua (Conder) ASP8 package sewage treatment plant with discharge to a drainage field, both to be located in the top terrace of their garden area.

To limit costs the customer opted to install a large section of drainage themselves, diverting the drainage from the cottage to the new proposed plant location, our scope of works was then reduced to a short section of inlet to connect the pipework to the tank. However all outlet pipework was still within our remit along with installing a suitable soakaway for the porosity and flow from the tank.

After all the pipework had been backfilled with a suitable granular material and the tank fully installed we then tidied the site to a ‘machine finish’. As we believe in practising what we preach, although we can reinstate to a certain level we are by no means as good as the professionals and as such when the customer is happy with this we opt to leave our job tidy but with landscaping works after we are done. This can either be achieved by turfing round the area, pea gravel or simply grass seeding the area would suffice depending on the finish you desire.

Unlike some companies which are only able to carry out certain elements of looking after your sewage treatment needs, we can be with you from the initial stage right through to the necessary servicing/desludging requirements. If you would like any more information on some of the services we may be able to provide why not give us a call on 01388 537030.