Not all installations we carry out are for new sites or customers in distress as their tank is no longer functioning. Some of our customers come to us to pre-empt a necessary alteration or purely to overhaul the waste situation on site.

As times change naturally situational differences also follow suit, for some sites what would not have been practical/possible when their tank was initially installed has now become a more complicated option, and although the tank would still be functional this was no longer the best option.

Thus was the case for one property in North Yorkshire, the property had been happily functioning on an old septic tank for a number of years prior, as the years have passed this became more impractical and a more cost effective alternative was available; the property was now able to connect to mains sewer.

The proposed connection point was located conveniently at the bottom of the drive leading up to the property, this was also a more cost effective solution as there was a barn dwelling that had planning permission in place to convert to a holiday let – a connection to Mains Drains eliminated the need to have either a larger treatment plant installed or even two separate tanks.

Due to the lay of the land there was however a requirement for a Domestic single pump station to be installed to lift the raw sewage from the two dwellings, within our remit we allowed to pick up the two proposed 110mm inlet pipes at a common location in the front of the property.

From the pumping station location there was approximately 45m of 63mm Black MDPE pressure pipe to install, this was to be connected to a break chamber prior to the connection to mains sewer to slow the flow rate to avoid flooding the manhole.

Without a doubt in our mind the installation of the pump station and connection to the sewers is by far the most practical and cost efficient solution for the property. If you think this may be an option for yourselves or even if you are unsure of the possibilities why not give us a call on 01388 537030.