So here we are once again, with the New Year fast approaching and Christmas less than a week away and whilst our offices and engineers are still as busy as ever we can also use this time to look back over the year and evaluate what we have learned and what we have achieved.

Much akin with previous years we carry out in the region of 3-4 installations a week and approximately 250-300 services each week (not including any call outs or remedial works). With each job comes a new level of understanding of the industry and we are always expanding our knowledge if something new or unusual arises, developing all aspects of problem solving.

Taking time to reflect on our achievements we also look at the many miles we have covered, there is not many areas of mainland Britain we haven’t covered and we have even found ourselves on various islands around our Scottish coast and southern coast.

And with this we invite you to have a brief recap of some of the most impressive tanks and scenery we have seen this year and hope that there is many more to come next year.

Today brings the end to the last week for our office staff of 2018 but never fear we still have emergency contacts available should you require urgent assistance, simply ring the main office number on 01388 537030 and details will be available on our voicemail.

Failing that if your enquiry is not urgent please either leave us a message or drop an email into and we will get back to you when the office re-opens on the 2nd January.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!