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The installation process of a wastewater system

A sewage treatment system needs to be correctly installed, commissioned and maintained to ensure that everything is safe, secure and working correctly. Having your vessel installed properly will also ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid, and will prevent any damage to the tank and its internal parts.

Our engineers have years of experience installing a wide range of sewage treatment systems. When you contact us to discuss your installation, we arrange a free no-obligation site visit to assess your requirements and put together a suitable quotation. Our staff are on hand to answer all of your questions, and offer a return visit if required.

Once a suitable system has been selected and you choose to proceed with the installation, we will schedule a date to begin work. The Installation Process varies depending on the site, the plant installed and other requirements, but is generally as follows:

  • Engineers arrive on site, introduce themselves to the property owner(s) and begin preparation as necessary (signage, boards to protect the ground against vehicle access etc.).
  • Delivery of machines on site to aid the excavation process.
  • Delivery is taken of the vessel – our engineers will organise safe and secure offloading.
  • Excavation of the site – an appropriate machine will be used to remove the spoil to the required depth (dictated by the drainage pipework).
  • Delivery of concrete to site – the vessel will be lowered onto a concrete bed, levelled and ballasted with water, and backfilled with concrete for stability.
  • Selection of discharge point (direct to watercourse/drainage field) and pipework connected following the tank being installed in the ground. If a drainage field is required, the trenches will be dug, and pipework will be connected and laid on a bed of clean gravel.
  • Power supply fitted if required (for sewage treatment systems)
  • Excavation topped with surplus soil to a machine finish
  • Removal of machinery and materials from site, and reinstatement of any items that needed to be temporarily removed during the installation process
  • A Servicing Engineer will return to site to connect the control panel and alarms, wire up any pumps/blowers and provide a full electrical commissioning of the system. You will then be provided with a commissioning certificate.
  • Our staff remain on hand to offer support and advice following your installation, and we endeavour to return to site within a period of time, to check that everything is running smoothly and you are happy!
  • A quotation is provided for ongoing maintenance (servicing and/or emptying), and if you choose to become a Servicing customer, any emergency callouts you place are prioritised. 

Using an accredited installer gives peace of mind to the customer that the process will be efficient, safe and professional. It also means that if there are any problems or warranty issues, we can be on hand to help rectify the problem and claim parts under warranty on your behalf.

To discuss any of the information above, or arrange a free site visit, give us a call on 01388 537050 or email