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How do I know if my septic tank is compliant?

You may have heard about the new septic tank regulations that came into force in 2020 and you may be thinking; How do I know if my septic tank is compliant? There are many factors that can influence the compliance of your septic tank. All of the below conditions should be considered:

  1.  Type of system: Septic Tank (single, twin, 3 chamber) or Sewage Treatment Plant
  2.  The distance between septic tank and habitable dwelling
  3.  Dimensions/ capacity of the system
  4. The distance from a watercourse
  5. The size of property or how many properties are connected
  6. Is there any evidence of surface watter connections
  7. The outfall location (watercourse, drainage field or other)
  8. Assessment of ground conditions and suitability for a drainage field (i.e. sand, clay, loam)
  9. Overall condition of the system (i.e. rotten, corroded etc)
  10.  Condition of access covers
  11. Internals (i.e. tee pieces in place etc)
  12. Distance from hard-standing for regular emptying

You may have purchased a house with a non-compliant septic tank that needs immediate remedial work to meet new standards or you may be considering selling a house with a septic tank that needs a survey. We offer a complete septic tank compliance reporting service for any septic tank owner in the UK, so you can have total peace of mind. Get in touch to arrange a site visit or just to have a chat to answer any and all questions. We are happy to help, call us on 01388 537 050 or by email