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Which Sewage Treatment Plant is best?

Not all Sewage Treatment Plants are made equally. However, all of the Sewage Treatment Systems we supply here at Direct Drainage comply with BS EN-12566 Part 3.


There are a number of factors that will impact your best choice, these include:

  • Property type
  • How many people the system will serve
  • Location
  • Whether you require a pumped or gravity flow system

Here are a few of our best selling sewage treatment systems and their key benefits:


Benefits of a Kingspan Klargester BioDisc Sewage Treatment System


Klargester is a big name in the world of Sewage Treatment, along with a trusted brand you will receive an exclusive extended warranty on many Klargester Sewage Treatment Systems of up to 7 years when purchased through Direct Drainage and maintained by us.


Other noteworthy benefits of the BioDisc Range include:

  • Very low running costs 
  • Free delivery on all Klargester tanks supplied through Direct Drainage
  • The unique rotating disc in a BioDisc has a longer life expectancy than traditional aeration systems.
  • a BioDisc produces very high quality, purified effluent.
  • It has very consistent performance.
  • All klargester products are certified to European standards and CE-marked.
  • Absolutely no noise or odour when running correctly.
  • Low profile for minimal visual impact
  • Klargester are UK based with their head office in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.
  • A more environmentally friendly option. The BioDisc uses less electricity than an aeriated system.


Benefits of a Clear Water E Range Sewage Treatment System

The Clear Water E Range is one of the most affordable and best value for money systems on the market today. It offers exceptional treatment at an affordable price.


Key benefits include:

  • Well established and trusted brand
  • No mechanical or electrical components within the plant - low running and maintenance costs.
  • Package options to all requirements and needs
  • Ideal for single houses, and employ the well-proven aerobic biological process for the treatment of sewage compliant with UK standards


Benefits of a Harlequin Hydroclear Sewage Treatment System


The Harlequin Hydroclear features a unique moving Bed Biological Reactor systems that is self-cleaning and unable to become blocked through channelling unlike most fixed film media systems.


Other fantastic features include:

  • Longer emptying intervals (up to 24 months) - The chamber capacity is as much as 66% larger than other plants, making desludging intervals up to three times longer saving the owner significant costs
  • Power Failure Backup - the system keeps performing as a Septic Tank in the event of a power failure.
  • Odorless in operation
  • Simple installation


Benefits of a Tricel Novo Sewage Treatment System


Tricel is also a UK based manufacturer. The Novo Treatment Plant boasts extremely strong glass and reinforced plastic materials to ensure its durability, reliability and longevity.


Other noteworthy features include:

  • Internal filter media comes with a lifetime guarantee when purchased through Direct Drainage.
  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Low running costs (60-watt motor)
  • Shallow dig
  • Quiet in operation
  • Air compressor situated in the top for easy maintenance. This also gives greater ventilation to enhance the compressor life.
  • Manufactured by sheet-moulded composite (SMC) which is one of the strongest glass-reinforced plastic materials available.


Benefits of a WPL Diamond Sewage Treatment System

The compact WPL Diamond has the flexibility to be configured to meet for various population sizes. 


Other noteworthy features include:

  • 25 years tank warranty
  • Small tank, big results!
  • Discreet
  • Trusted and well established brand
  • Low maintenance 
  • No hidden costs -The standard package includes a WPL Diamond DMS tank, WPL kiosk, alarm beacon, blowers and 10 metres air hose. Additional extras are available.
  • Ideal for small businesses, new builds and replacement of existing sewage treatment plants.


There are many great sewage treatment system options. To get a suitable system, designed to your needs, give us a call on 01388 537 050 and we can advise on the best product to match your application. Alternatively, browse our Sewage Treatment System collection.