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Why is my Air Blower so loud?

A sewage treatment system air pump can be noisy due a number of reasons such as a:

  • A worn diaphragm
  • Increased vibrations due to backpressure
  • A clog near the air tube poor-quality pump
  • Cheap and low-quality unit
  • Old and worn out

All of these reasons make it loud, noisy, and intolerable. However, proper maintenance and some improvement tips can help make it quiet and less noisy.


A worn diaphragm

The most probable reason for the loud air pump is a worn diaphragm. The pump works very fast and steadily, so the diaphragm can break/tear and perish. It is because of the continuous pumping in and out of the diaphragm approximately a million times a day.

This rapid and frequent working damage the rubber/plastic diaphragm, and the air pump starts producing noise. The more loud this become the more irritating and disturbing this can become. We supply replacement Diaphragm kits here.


Wrong positioning of the air blower

Placement of an air blower strongly affects the noise that it produces as when you place your air device on a vibratory surface such anything hollow, it can amplify the noise. When you place the pump below the water level, it produces water resistance on the pump, making it work harder and creating noise.


Unsuitable / Undersized Air Blower

If an air blower is not suitable for the size of the system it feeds the constant demand for air causes it to work faster, which can lead to irregular air supply. This irregular and improper air supply into the tubes make an annoying noise. If you think your Air Blower is undersized give us a call on 01388 537 050, we can advise on a suitable pump for your sewage treatment system.


Clog near air tubes

Sometimes there is a clog in airline tubes or pipes, which leads to the blockage of airflow through the airline tubes.

This blockage causes the aquarium air pump to make a weird and loud noise. Also, this insufficient air supply can lead to poor oxygenation in tank water.


Old sewage treatment system air pump

When using for several years, the air pump gets too louder because the pump’s motor gets rough and damaged and results in improper working.

As time passes, the air pump motor loses its potential of frequent working and starts making a loud voice. Also, the screws may become loose further increase the vibratory movements as they cannot hold the pump’s compartments together.


A bad-quality air pump

Sometimes you purchase a cheaper air pump because of a low budget, but it may be a poor choice pump. There may be a cheap rubber diaphragm or an incompetent motor inside it. 


How to Quiet a loud sewage treatment system air blower?

You can reduce the irritating loud voice of your air blower simply by replacing worn parts or by trying the simple tips and tricks below. 


Cleaning the airline tubes of your Air Blower

To clear any residues or clog from the airline tubes, you must wash them through with plenty of water.

The blowing pressure will remove all the residues and clog from the air tube, making them clear; cleaning of airline tubes reduces the noise.


Encase your air blower in better blower housing and use expanding foam

Foam is a vibration-absorbing material and can dampens the noise of the air pump. Use expanding foam within the blower housing to absorb all of the vibrations and reduce the noise. Be very careful not to suffocate the pump. We would highly recommend the Kingspan Klargester Blower Housing Box for external blowers, suitable for all Kingspan Klargester sewage treatment systems that work via an externally-situated air blower/compressor.


Service your Air Blower

Your air blower should be serviced at least annually using the manufacturers service kit. The reason your air blower may simply be a result of a lack of maintenance. We keep stock of Secoh Service Kits, Charles Austen Service Kits, Hiblow Service Kits and MEDO Service Kits.

Replace you air blower diaphragms

A diaphragm is a disposal plastic or rubber membrane that you should change over time to avoid the production of a loud voice. Most manufacturers require the diaphragms in an air blower to be changed every year to keep the unit within warranty and working as it should. We keep a supply of Secoh diaphragm kits, Charles Austen Diaphragm KitsMEDO Diaphragm Kits and Hiblow Diaphragm Kits.


Tightening the screws of your Air Blower

continuous vibrations coming from the diaphragm can cause screws to come loose. By tightening them, you may notice improvements in the noise.


If all else fails, replace your Air Blower

When you fail to reduce the noise despite using all tips and tricks, you should seek to find a replacement air pump. We supply a range of air blowers to suit any sewage treatment system. If you have any questions we are happy to help. Call our friendly team on 01388 537 030 for a quote.


Air blowers are not always compulsory equipment on a sewage treatment system. For example The Klargester BioDisc is unique to other sewage treatment systems in that the treatment process is provided through a Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC), media discs mounted on a shaft which are powered by a motor. These discs rotate and bacteria grows onto them, treating the sewage to a level where the resulting effluent is suitable to discharge directly into a watercourse.

All the other sewage treatment systems we supply are powered by a remote air blower, which feeds air into the sewage and treats through either fixed or loose media.