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Klargester Washdown & Silt Separator 1000l

Klargester Washdown & Silt Separator 1000l

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This system can be used in areas such as car wash and other cleaning facilities that discharge directly into a foul drain, which feeds to a mains facility.

Such wash down facilities must not be allowed to discharge directly into surface water but must be directed to a foul connection leading to a municipal treatment works as they utilise emulsifiers, soaps and detergents, which can dissolve and disperse the oils.

Alarm Options

Environment Agency PPG3 Guidelines stipulate that all separators must be fitted with a robust system to provide an audible and visual alarm if the levels become too high. We strongly recommend that you purchase the High Liquid and Silt Alarm alongside this item, and it will be delivered with the separator ready to wire in.

Features and Benefits

  • Light and easy to install

  • Inclusive of silt storage volume

  • Fitted inlet/outlet connectors

  • Vent points within necks

  • Extension access shafts for deep inverts

  • Maintenance from ground level

Klargester Washdown & Silt Separator 1000l