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5 reasons to choose a Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant

With a Tricel Novo waste water treatment system you get an exceptional plant for waste water and sewage treatment which is simple, cost-effective and ensures compliance with EU regulations. Read our top 5 reasons to  buy a Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant.


1. Highly durable SMC tank


A Tricel Novo sewage treatment system is constructed from a compression moulded SMC tank. The compression moulding process is one of the most technologically developed processes available to manufacture structural composites. SMC is unique in the wastewater treatment industry with Tricel SMC tanks operating in some of the harshest climatic conditions for over 50 years with no defects.

2. Ceramic Diffuser & Alarm


Tricel’s ceramic diffuser is unique in the domestic wastewater treatment plant market and will last twice as long as the standard competitors rubber equivalents. This saves money in both call-out fees and replacement parts.Factory alarms are fitted onto all Tricel Novo systems which will warn you if something needs to be done on the Tricel Novo.

3. Environmental Agency Compliance


Complies with the Environment Agency General Binding Rules in England, Natural Resources Wales exemption criteria and SEPA requirements in Scotland. Tricel advise consulting with your local agency on the level of effluent treatment required.

4. Lower Installation Costs


No concrete backfill is required for installation on most sites saving up to £300 over lower quality GRP or polyethylene alternatives from competitors.

5. Fully Tested and Certified


All Tricel Novo sewage treatment systems have been tested to European certification EN 12566-3. This certification tests all plants for strength, water tightness, durability and treatment efficiency. By using a wastewater treatment plant which is CE certified you can rest assured that it has complied with tests and inspections which guarantee an elevated level of security and efficiency.