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How does a Klargester BioFicient Sewage Treatment System work?

How does a BioFicient Work?

The moving aerated media process used in a Klargester BioFicient sewage treatment system is a compact version of the traditional biological process used in large wastewater plants which provides a more effective and complete means of reducing harmful pollutants in sewage.

  • Raw sewage gravitates to the unit where it is received in the primary settlement zone. Here, gross solids and other social debris settle to the bottom of the tank where they remain until the tank requires de-sludging. Settled sewage is displaced from primary zone and enters the first of two sequential moving aerated media reactors.

  • Media and liquid circulation in each zone is achieved through the use of a compressor and diffuser, which introduces fresh air by an air blower into each compartment. The liquor is constantly re-circulated and contacts the moving media and as it does so, it is purified by the microorganisms (biomass) growing on the surface of the media and within the moving liquor. Excess growth of biomass is shed as solid particles into the liquor.

  • The final settlement tank is where humus solids settle to form sludge. At pre-set intervals, portions of the sludge and liquor are returned to the primary tank for additional treatment. Final effluent is displaced from the final settlement tank. With regulator approval, it is suitable for discharge to a watercourse or drainage field.

Top features and benefits of the BioFicient

  • Low profile cover, slightly larger than a manhole cover and flat

  • Minimal visual impact

  • Comes with a standard invert of 500mm. Invert depth can be increased to a maximum of 1.5m by purchasing extension necks and trimming to suit site level (sold separately).

  • Saves on-site installation time

  • Low running costs

  • Excellent ammonia reduction (0.4 mg/l

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