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How much does it cost to run a Tricel Novo Sewage Treatment System?

In the UK's glorious rolling countryside, we like to keep the rivers as clean as we can! That's why it's law to have a sewage treatment system if you discharge directly into a watercourse. So perhaps you’re looking at buying a Tricel sewage treatment system and wondering how much they cost to run. Or maybe you have a Tricel sewage treatment system and want to check it’s running efficiently. Either way, we’ll show you how to cut the cost of running a sewage treatment system and save precious energy.

A Tricel Novo Sewage Treatment Tank is powered by an air compressor that needs to run continuously in order to treat sewage before it is discharged into the environment. This in itself is good for energy consumption as there is no power surge from constantly starting up. To run efficiently, the air blower should be serviced at the recommended intervals (usually between 6-12 months) whereby the diaphragms and filter is changed. The pump should also be pressure tested regularly to ensure it is not running at a back pressure over the recommended maximum. With Tricel ceramic diffusers the back pressure should be minimal, unlike other manufacturers that use rubber that expand and contract. A pressure gauge can be fitted to continuously measure the back pressure on the air pump. If the pump is being overworked this could contribute to higher running costs and shorted the life expectancy of the air pump. There is also a significant difference between old air blowers and new, lower wattage, air blowers. It may save you money in the long run to upgrade your air blower to a new, more eco-friendly, model.

The below table is a guidance on the costs of running a Tricel Sewage Treatment System in March 2023 with the air blower that it is provided with. If your system has an integrated pumped outlet the costs of running the pump should be calculated separately. 

TankBlower ModelWattskWh /dayTricel Energy Cost Per Day @ 34pper kWhTricel Energy Cost Per Week @34p per kWhTricel Energy Cost Per Year @34p per kWh
Tricel Novo UK6Resun LP60601.44£0.49£3.43£178.70
Tricel Novo UK8Resun LP60601.44£0.49£3.43£178.70
Tricel Novo UK10Medo LA80601.44£0.49£3.43£178.70
Tricel Novo UK12Medo LA80601.44£0.49£3.43£178.70
Tricel Novo UK18Medo LA100952.28£0.78£5.43£282.95
Tricel Novo UK24Medo LA2002155.16£1.75£12.28£640.36
Tricel Novo UK30Medo LA2002155.16£1.75£12.28£640.36
Tricel Novo UK36Medo LA80 + Medo LA20060 + 2156.6£2.24£15.71£819.06

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