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SKF System 24 125 Lubricant Oil

SKF System 24 125 Lubricant Oil

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The SKF System 24 125 Lubricant Oil is a gas-driven single point automatic lubricator and is suitable for use on the chain of all Klargester BioDisc sewage treatment systems (BD BioDisc and above).

Unlike manual lubrication, a continuous and accurate supply of small quantities of fresh and clean lubricant prevents overheating, waste and seal damage due to over-lubrication and excessive wear due to under-lubrication. Moveover, a continuous supply prevents the ingress of contaminants.

Features and Benefits

The SKF System 24 LAGD consists of a transparent container filled with a specified lubricant and a cartridge containing an electrochemical gas cell. Once activated, the internal batteries are electrically connected and gas production can begin building up the pressure until the piston moves, pushing the lubricant into the application. The gas production rate is proportional to the electrical current. Therefore, each position of the dial is designed to allow a given current flow, thus adjusting the dispensing period between 1 and 12 months.

  • Toolless set up

  • Stoppable

  • Detailed information on the label minimises risks of improper installation

  • Designed and tested for the toughest real working conditions

  • IP 68 – Dust tight and water-proof ATEX approved for zone 0

  • Optimum dial readability

  • Detachable batteries for an environmentally friendly disposal

  • Specially designed top ring for an optimum grip

  • Transparent container facilitates inspection tasks

Please note you are purchasing one oil cartridge - the LAGD 125/HMT68 series.