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Klargester BC BioDisc Sewage Treatment System (up to 18 person)

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The Klargester BC BioDisc is suitable for up to 18 people delivers a reliable, effective and ecologically safe solution for anyone with off-mains sewage disposal needs with the lowest running and maintenance costs of any packaged treatment plant in its class.

Free Delivery 2 Year Warranty as standard Extended 3 Year Warranty with us  Sewage Treatment Best Price Guaranteed


 How to get Klargester Extended Warranty 

  BioDisc Domestic Certification

  BC BioDisc Product Brochure

  BioDisc BC Installation Guidelines Manual

  BioDisc Owners Manuel Handbook for Domestic Systems

  BioDisc BC Line Drawing

 Commissioning and Servicing Information

Servicing Interval-  12 months

De-Sludging Interval- 12 months

Technical Specification BA BioDisc
Parameters PE 18
Max. Daily Flow m3 3.6
Max. Daily BOD5 g BOD5 1080
Max. Daily Ammonia g NH4 144
Overall Diameter mm 2450
Inlet Invert Depth  mm 600/1100
Depth Below Inlet Invert  mm 1400
Outlet Invert Depth  mm 1735
Overall Height  mm 2825/3325
Height to Rim of Cover  mm 2485/2985
Empty Weight kg 650/750
Standard Power Supply 1 Phase
Motor Rating - Single Phase  W 173
Full Load Current - Single Phase  A 1
Optional Power Supply 3 Phase
Motor Rating - Three Phase W 90
Full Load Current - Three Phase A 0.8
Sludge Return Pump Rating  W 250

*Based on residential applications and daily flow rates

The drive motor within the BioDisc runs virtually silently and has a much lower power consumption and a significantly greater life expectancy than a typical aeration unit. Low running costs, combined with the quality and durability of the equipment, all add up to a significantly lower lifetime cost. The BioDisc now also comes with a Loss of Rotation alarm (and Pump alarm on the IPS system) as standard.

Features of the Klargester BC BioDisc

In 2005, the Klargester BioDisc went through 40 weeks of rigorous testing to evaluate its treatment efficiency as part of Klargester's dedication to satisfy the new European Standard for small treatment plants.

After delivering remarkably high levels of pollution elimination (95%) under varying loads and conditions, the Klargester BioDisc was awarded its Performance Certificate. The test report also highlighted: 

  • The Klargester BioDisc operates without noise or smell
  • Servicing requirements are reduced with very good access
  • No technical or mechanical faults
  • Low energy usage at 1.3 kw/d - approx 10-14 pence per day
  • Low sludge accumulation and sizeable storage capacity
  • Certified to European Standard EN 12566 - Part 3 - Annexe B - Performance Tests
  • The unique design of the system means that the Klargester BioDisc® is the only packaged sewage treatment system utilitising Rotating Biological Contactor technology for small domestic applications. This process offers inherent cost and performance benefits with a low carbon footprint.

How a Klargester BC BioDisc works

The Klargester BioDisc is ideal for domestic wastewater areas where discharge is to sub-surface irrigation or to a suitable watercourse if permitted. The Rotating Biological Contractor is unique to the BioDisc, and comprises of media discs onto which aerobic micro-organisms, naturally found in sewage, become established. Natural breakdown of sewage can then occur via the 'breakdown process': 

  1. Wastewater and sewage flows into the primary settlement zone where solids are settled out and retained. This accumulated sludge should be drawn out periodically.
  2. Partially-clarified liquor containing fine suspended solids flows upwards into the first stage Biozone for breaking down by micro-organisms on the RBC.
  3. Suspended solids return to the primary settlement zone and the liquor is transferred to the second stage Biozone for further treatment.
  4. Any solids remaining are settled out in the final settlement tank. The resulting very high quality effluent can be discharged to a watercourse.

Klargester BC BioDisc - Sizing Your System

Browse the alternative sizes of Klargester BioDisc sewage treatment systems available via the links below:

BA BioDisc - suitable for up to 8 population 

BA-X BioDisc - suitable for up to 12 population 

BB BioDisc - suitable for up to 16 population

BC BioDisc - suitable for up to 18 population

For commercial-sized systems please contact us for more information, on 01388 537050

Delivery Information

Free delivery to UK mainland postcodes. Offloading is the responsibility of the customer.

How much does a sewage treatment system cost to run?

The Klargester BioDisc has the lowest running and maintenance costs of any packaged treatment plant in its class. An important design feature is the drive motor which runs virtually silently, has low power consumption and a significantly greater design life expectancy than a typical compressor. Low running costs, combined with the quality and durability of the equipment, all add up to a significantly lower lifetime cost.
**To celebrate this milestone anniversary Kingspan have issued hundreds of golden tickets under the lid of their domestic BioDisc. if you have found this golden ticket you will need to register to win one of their fabulous prizes including holiday vouchers, shopping vouchers and Klargester merchandise. please complete your details and you will be entered into a draw to win one their spot prizes**

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Free Delivery is available to the whole of the UK Mainland (including Scotland) and is subject to suitable access for a large goods vehicle. 

This product is delivered to the kerb and it is the customers responsibility to provide suitable mechanical offloading facilities (eg. Loader or Excavator) to offload this tank safely. Please specify any access restrictions on your order.

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